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A Little Light Changes Everything

-Joe Fornear

Sometimes when times are especially tough, His light shines through … and everything changes! God has always shone into my life through music. During my Stage IV melanoma cancer battle, I had a lot of trouble focusing. I couldn’t listen to sermons or read the Bible, and sometimes I couldn’t even think straight. Yet He still spoke to me, comforted me, freed me – through song. No matter what trouble you’re going through now, perhaps this song will reach you in the same way it moves me now. This is William Matthews singing, Shine On Us, with Bethel Church Worship Band members.

My favorite line from the song, “Every fear, every doubt disappears when You shine on us.”

Let Him shine on you today!

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God’s Heart for You!

– Joe Fornear

We made this meditation video to encourage you in your cancer battle or any crisis. This meditation is from Psalm 139, God’s heart for the sufferer. You might be surprised by the frequency and nature of His thoughts toward you!

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