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The Green Grass Is Under You

– Amy Fornear
(Amy is Joe and Terri Fornear’s daughter and our special guest blogger today).

“Suffering is having what you don’t want or wanting what you don’t have.” – Elisabeth Elliot sheep green grass- 4-9-15

Whether it’s loneliness, chronic illness, fear of failure, unanswered prayer or an unfulfilled desire there is always a nagging voice saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

Or maybe, “That pasture is greener than over here.” Or the frustrated, shorter version, “The grass over there.”

That voice allows you to have the wonderful privilege of acknowledging everything you don’t have and hating everything you have. Yeah, I would call that suffering.

While the enemy is voicing what you lack, God is voicing what you have! And right now you have green grass UNDER YOU. The finished work of Jesus Christ is literally UNDER YOU and IN YOU. Sit in it.

Of course “He makes us lie down in green pastures!” What else is there to do with NICE, LOVELY, GREEN GRASS that is directly UNDER YOU. Sit in it! Nap in it! Roll around in it! Eat it! Have a picnic in it with Him. Tell Him about your day so far. Tired of asking Him for the same things? Change the subject. Ask Jesus what His hobbies are or what He loves to do. I bet He has good stories to tell… like when He made something come out of nothing or when He was twelve years old and scared His parents when He left the caravan without telling them!

Enjoy your Maker – He made you and the green grass UNDER YOU. Now just sit in it. Go with the gravity and sit. It’s easier that way.

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Beyond The Noise Inside My Head

– By Joe Fornear

There is a lot of “noise” about how to fight cancer. During my battle with Stage IV metastatic melanoma, there were thousands of voices advising me on sound waves - 10-11-13how to cope – and those were just the ones inside my head.

Yet there was one voice that changed everything. One word from the Lord was worth days of spinning and casting about for emotional, physical or spiritual breakthrough. His “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12) brought a peace and freedom like no other.

It’s no wonder while describing the building of Solomon’s temple, there was one very curious restriction on the workers — no noise from tools was to be heard in the house of the Lord:

The house, while it was being built, was built of stone prepared at the quarry, and there was neither hammer nor axe nor any iron tool heard in the house while it was being built.
– 1 Kings 6:7

The context of this account shows Solomon was not against talent and hard work – there was plenty of skillful labor involved. The takeaway to me is to  develop the essential skill and work of hearing God. The temple was the place where people meet with God, and God meets with people. Above all, He is a living God; He must be “heard” to lift up His loved ones.

Prayer is a two-way conversation. Yet how do we discern which voice is His? I’m not suggesting we wait for God to speak audibly. Most often His voice is an inner reassurance; a strong sense of His presence; or a supernatural confidence that one way or another, things are going to be OK.

So whatever your trials, take a break from pounding the tools of analyzing and activity, and just sit with Him.

Lord, Your voice and truth sets us free – teach us to listen… and teach us how to listen.

Letting Go

I remember the fall, watching the tree in my backyard drop its leaves.

I love the lessons of that time of year.tree by the seasons

I love nature doing what is natural.

I love watching winter do its job.

I don’t love this same “act” in my own life.

This act of letting go… of things I love.

The season of winter.

I’m not always sure why I have to do that.

It’s the season which magnifies how really out of control I am.

The Lord adds His quiet voice to this process of letting go – He has taken the fear out of it for me.

He adds, “Let go to Me, Terri.”

That thing I’m clinging to… isn’t really gone, it’s put into the hands of the One Who gives His life to it

in a way that keeps it safe from my worship and control.

My control that doesn’t have the ability to let it grow bigger than my own imaginations.

He then takes it and His fingerprints are all over it

He rewards what only faith can create – a smile on His face and my release,

which sets me free to see His reality in my little world.

Spring is in blossom!!

Father in heaven, as much as I can, I let go of the people, things, and ideas that I think I can manage better than You. Thank You for sending Jesus to love me and help me let go to Your abundant love.

Strong Quiet Confidence

In quietness and confidence (trust) is your strength – Isaiah 30:15.

I’m adopting Isaiah 30:15 for a resolution this new year. I want to be quiet before the Lord and confidently trust in the Lord on a daily basis. This is the path to strength. Ecclesiastes 10:10 says, “If the axe is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength. Wisdom has the advantage of giving success.” I can work really hard, but if I’m not working wisely, my strength will be sapped.

If I practice quietness and confidence consistently, I will not:

  • Fret over things I cannot control.
  • Fume when people block my goals. Do I really think puny people are “bigger” than God, or that anyone can block HIS goals?
  • Fixate on figuring out my problems. How’s that been working out for me?

If I practice quietness and confidence consistently, I will:

  • Be proactive only after quiet discernment. Compulsion acts for action’s sake. In a crisis or in everyday life, wisdom pauses before the Lord to consider the most beneficial action. “Acknowledge Him in all your ways…”
  • Be patient trusting answers will come when I need them. What if roadblocks are designed to trigger heartfelt talks with the Lord? Sometimes I bounce off roadblocks to go in another direction; sometimes I try to bust through roadblocks. Neither method is wise with a personal God. The reason quietness leads to strength is then I can “hear” Him, not in an audible way, but in the form of wisdom and guidance, which He promises in James 1:5-8. He cares about the details of my life.
  • Be persevering even in the face of great setbacks, because I know setbacks are part of His grand plan. Someday I will understand all of the twists and turns of my life, though it may be in heaven. Psalm 46:10 reads, “Be still (or cease striving) and know that I am God.” This verse continues, “I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” So I want to trust His overall plans. A huge part of His exaltation is His awesome goodness. He is, after all, good; and He is good all of the time.