Books by Joe and Terri Fornear

These books are offered free to cancer patients. We’ll send these books in a Stronghold Ministry Gift Basket – request one here.
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My Stronghold - the book
My Stronghold, A Pastor’s Battle with Cancer and Doubts
The story behind Stronghold Ministry.
by Joe Fornear

In His Grip book

In His Grip, Meditations with the Great Physician
The lessons behind Stronghold Ministry.
by Joe and Terri Fornear

Dealing w Feelings small
Dealing with Feelings, A Journal of God’s Promises
A journal and book of God’s promises which will help you untangle difficult emotions.
by Terri Fornear

Journey with God
Journey with God Through Suffering
A handbook Bible Study to help you process your suffering in light of God’s Words.
By Joe Fornear