In this journal and promise book, Terri Fornear helps you identify and overcome the lies about God that hinder us from being all that He lovingly created us to be.

Dealing w Feelings smallThe key is to quickly replace thoughts which paralyze us with truths about God—truths that are lifted straight from the pages of God’s Word. This journal is a tool that helps penetrate dark emotions to transfer us into the freedom and joy of God’s truth and light.

Terri Fornear is a Licensed Language Therapist and Family and Individual Life Coach. For 25 years, she has worked with children, teenagers and adults to help them face emotions that have blocked academic, relational, social and spiritual success.

In 2008, Terri co-founded Stronghold Ministry with her husband, Joe. Stronghold is a nonprofit organization which helps cancer patients and those in crisis to discover God’s salvation, truth and love in the midst of difficult times. Out of the depths of her own experiences and challenges—lifelong learning differences, her husband’s near-death battle with Stage IV cancer in 2003 and being a pastor’s wife for 18 years—she has navigated a range of life’s emotions.

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