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Over 9000 cancer patients have received a Stronghold Ministry gift basket! If you’re fighting cancer, we’d love to send you one free! If you know someone who is fighting cancer, you CAN do something practical to help. We’ll send much-needed spiritual help. We ship international! While supplies last and one per patient.

Gift Basket Contents

Contents: “My Stronghold” canvas tote bag, four inspirational books from experienced cancer survivors, Joe and Terri Fornear, (My Stronghold; In His Grip; Journey with God Through Suffering; and Abiding Through the Shadows – books described here), and a gift card from Subway Restaurant (Subway card in U.S. only. We do ship books and tote overseas). Contents pictured.

Donations not required. If you insist, follow the link to our secure Donation page. Thank you!

Request a gift basket for me, I’m fighting cancer [Note: the form to request for another person is below this form or on right] (*required field).

One gift basket per patient household PLEASE!

*Your Type of Cancer

*How did you hear about us? (Examples: Facebook ad; Google,Yahoo, Bing search; friend;)

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Request a gift basket for a person fighting cancer (*required field).

One gift basket per patient household PLEASE!

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*How did you hear about us? (Examples: Facebook ad; Google,Yahoo, Bing search; friend;)

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Requesting by Phone: We prefer you fill out the form below, but if you have no computer or smart phone access you can order by phone – toll free – 877-230-7674.

Requesting by Mail: Send your name, address and email and gift basket recipient’s name and complete address to: Stronghold Ministry |  P.O. Box 38478  |  Dallas, TX 75238


  • Myrtle says:

    [email protected] Daughter in law has no phone number or Email.

  • Amber says:

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Susan Molen says:

    Some how I received two gift baskets! Thank you.
    I will pass the books along to my Gilda’s Club or a friend.

    • admin says:

      Ok, thanks for letting us know, Susan Thanks for passing that extra one on to someone else who’s fighting! Prayers and blessings,

  • Teresa Smith says:

    I put my sisters info in. Sorry I didn’t realize you had a field area where I could request it for her. Thank you for doing this. My sister has been figjting ovarian canxer for 16 years. God Bless!

    • admin says:

      We understand. Teresa – Feel free to send in her name by email to [email protected] if you wish for us to know and pray for her by name. Please also tell her to feel free to contact us anytime.
      -Joe Fornear of Stronghold Ministry

  • Tina rose says:

    Thank you for helping all that you do. I know that it touches alot of deserving people who are in need of a pick me up gift.

  • Marilyn D. Young says:

    Thank You, Stronghold Ministry, I Love the gifts you sent me from the bottom of my heart. You Care !!!

    • admin says:

      Awesome, Marilyn, glad you wrote to us. Prayers for you and blessings on you! You’re in His Grip,
      Joe Fornear

  • Jackie Byers says:

    What a special gift you give to those of us going through cancer
    Than you!! May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

    • admin says:

      Glad you wrote, Jackie, it’s a team effort here at Stronghold Ministry – we have a lot of help! Blessings and healing prayers for you!

  • luis a sanchez says:

    Thank you very much. .

  • Robert Cooksey says:

    Hello, I’m Robert and was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer February 20 th 2013. I received a gift basket from y’all and wore my arm bracket up until it broke last month. Could I please get another arm band, thanks and to all those fighting, never lose hope. With God All things are possible.

    • admin says:

      for sure, Robert, I remember you and we will send you a few wristbands tomorrow in fact! I love the constant reminder around my wrist as well that He has me by the hand and His hand is super strong to hold on to us!
      -Joe Fornear

  • Karen Baylor says:

    Hi, just received my Gift Basket, cannot wait to read the books, still shocked from Stage 3 colon cancer, getting my feet wet returning back to work part time. Thank you so much, I have several friends living with cancer that I will refer, not sure how I will use my journey to inspire others, I am collecting books for women’s cancer support group and after I read these I will share. Thanks again, I will try to call in soon.
    Karen B.

    • admin says:

      Glad you like your gift basket, Karen! Trusting the Lord is with you and will heal and use your story for others. Let us know if we can work together with the cancer support group. We work with a lot of different groups. If interested, send me – Joe Fornear – an email at [email protected]. huge blessings!

  • Lynda says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Sarah says:

    This is an incredible thing. God Bless everyone involved.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Sarah – it is the Lord working through many generous people to allow our ministry to provide these gift baskets!
      Blessings and prayers to you.
      ~ Joe Fornear

  • Nancy Holdeman says:

    Thank you for your ministry!! You have blessed so many of my friends with your heartfelt outreach and help.
    I requested a basket for my sister Jean in Wisconsin. Just wanted you to know that she will be in DFW visiting me in just two weeks, so if you would like to save some money on shipping, we could pick up the basket at BTBF.
    Thanks again and God bless,

    • admin says:

      It’s a privilege for us to help folks along in their journey, Nancy! I saw your request and we’ll be at Bent Tree this Sunday at the cancer support group right after the 2nd service in Frisco Corner. Far right of lobby facing auditorium. If we don’t meet you there, we’ll just ship on Tuesday, but hope to meet you there. Please let me know that you got this message.
      -Joe Fornear

  • Nancy Hilliard says:

    Received your gift basket, would like to say Thank You and I have started reading the books. They are very good. would like to reread them as I do not always comprehend and rereading would increase my comprehension.
    You are an amazing ministry.

    • admin says:

      SO glad you wrote, Nancy and enjoying your gift basket! Prayers for you for total healing and supernatural strength from Jesus Himself!
      You’re in His Grip,
      ~ Joe Fornear

  • Jennifer Day says:

    This is just what I needed to see today. I’ve been fighting colon cancer for 2 and 1/2 years, twice in that time. I’ve been on chemo the whole time, had numerous surgeries. Some days I feel so defeated and there have been a lot of them lately. I can’t wait to get this and start reading the books. Thank you for everything you do!

    • admin says:

      Glad you found us, Jennifer! You’ve been at it for a while which makes it more wearisome. So I’m asking Him to grant you total healing and supernatural strength direct from His hand. Hope our books help! Sending your gift basket tomorrow! Blessings!
      ~ Joe Fornear

  • Lisa says:

    I want to thank you so much for the gift basket God bless you all

  • Lisa says:

    I would like to say thank you very much for the wonderful gift basket and subway card which I used to day I just wanted to say God Bless you all it put a smile on my face and was happy Thank you for giving us your hopes and prayers …I am Blessed fighting and staying strong I can beat this cancer because of all the good faith and prayers thank you and Amen

    • admin says:

      Awesome, Lisa, so glad you like your gift basket! Prayers and His peace be upon you and for of course prayers for total healing in Jesus’ Name!
      ~Joe Fornear

  • Betty says:

    I received the gift basket today. Thanks! I am looking forward to read the book.

  • Wayne Hyder says:

    Thanks for doing this. My wife got the news she had breast cancer the day before Thanksgiving of this year (2017) four days later I found out I have cancer in my Lymph-nodes in my neck.

    • admin says:

      Oh my, Wayne, so sorry to hear for both of you! Lifting you both up and asking Him to give you both total healing and supernatural strength! If it’s any consolation we have had 27 couples since we started counting about five years ago who are BOTH fighting at the same time! At least you know you’re not alone. Let me know if you’d like to discuss with one of those couples, or if you’d like to talk or pray over the phone. Our info is on our contact page – We’re in your corner!
      ~ Joe Fornear

  • tania says:

    I want this gift basket for my father, but he doesn’t speak english.

  • kathryn jewell says:

    Thank you for the gift basket. Reading the books have been helpful helping me understand why God has brought me this pain, after being born with a rare chronic kidney disease, raising children alone after divorce, and other trials in life. I gave my life to the Lord many years ago, and said , ” I am your servant do with me what you will”. He brought me to a clinic to save the unborn with my ultrasound skills. Being taken away from my work for the Lord showing these girls their babies has been confusing as that was my calling. Now I realize ,after reading My Stronghold, he has another calling . I am not sure what he wants from me now so I shall pray for him to guide me. I certainly have time to pray while finishing chemo. I keep my crocheting supplies in the Stronghold carry bag. (THE BAG has gone to Chemo, dr appointments , and even to TX for Christmas for a visit to MD ANDERSON. )
    Thank you for your work. I need to talk to God more as I drifted away during my cancer fight. I was losing my faith, and questioned death, God, and heaven. I felt I was already in hell. My faith was so strong, how could these thoughts even come to my mind. Now I have a better understanding and hopefully can get back on the right track again. GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY.

    • admin says:

      Glad you wrote, Kathryn, and found your gift basket helpful! been thinking about Job, he was not doing much wrong in life, in fact God was bragging about his faithfulness. Yet God allowed Job to be severely tested so that he would be strengthened and blessed even more in the end! He will guide you in your next step after testing. I’m sure He will use and bless you even more!
      Thanks for blessings and kind words,
      Joe Fornear

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