Discover the strength and love of God to cope with your struggles. Walk through lessons learned by Joe & Terri Fornear during Joe’s near-death battle with Stage IV metastatic melanoma and his miraculous recovery.

In His Grip coverHaving passed through the fire of a battle with cancer, Joe and Terri Fornear share the lessons they gleaned from the Lord throughout that intense journey. In May 2003, doctors gave Joe just days to live. Stage IV metastatic melanoma had spread to 13 different sites in his body, including lung, kidney, stomach and pancreas. Though he was at the brink of death, he experienced a miraculous healing and has been cancer-free since August 2003. In 2008, Joe and Terri launched Stronghold Ministry, a nonprofit ministry that provides spiritual help to cancer patients and those in crisis. This book is a collection of devotional readings to encourage and to help patients make sense of their suffering. Topics include God’s love, surrender, miracles for today, and mastering emotions.

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Rhodora Alberty – video review:

Vikki Blanco:
I have been reading your devotional book everyday. It’s helpful for no matter what hardships you may be going through.

Jonathan Morris:
In His Grip is one of the best books I ever read about suffering. I highly recommend it.

Priscilla Bayyouk:
In His Grip is a treasure for a few significant reasons. With a unique style, author Joe Fornear, brings perspective to the reader through his authenticity, transparency, as well as a clear love and concern for each reader. Joe indeed has brought sensitivity and a depth of understanding to the life of cancer patients and their circumstances. I found his application of scripture extremely encouraging to my walk of faith. Although I have not encountered cancer, except but from a distance, I think the manner in which Joe has written allows the application of principles to address other trials and issues of life as well. The brief readings make for an easy approachability for people to accommodate their particular situations.  This gives the ability to read one or more at a time and reflect in prayer accordingly. It’s with great conviction that I say I have been profoundly impacted by In His Grip. God, our caring Father, does indeed hold us “In His Grip” and we are safe there.

Vicki Gaines:
Terri & Joe, my brother just passed into Jesus’ arms early this morning. There is unspeakable ministry by the Holy Spirit in the hearts of both caregivers and loved ones facing difficult illnesses, but let me tell you – His faithfulness blows me away. John had his copy of In His Grip right by his hospital bed when he passed. He read it again and again until the morphine dulled his abilities near the end. I can’t tell you how much your ministry has touched my family, especially my baby brother who needed spiritual encouragement in those dark nights of the soul. He pulled through with a glorious faith, strengthened by the Lord through many words you wrote in that book. He felt immensely blessed to know someone cared about his value and worth as a human being, and who, without even knowing him, poured forth such compassion and empathy for what he was going through. Thank you for all you do. I give thanks to God for you daily. Your ministry helped me get through these difficult months. God continues to use you in ways you may not even realize.

Maureen Sirull:
If you are reading this, know it is your destiny. Everything for a reason; for a season. Hardship, illness and sadness will pass. You have a purpose in life. You, my friend, matter not only in Joe and Terri’s eyes but in our Lord’s eyes. Joe’s books have inspired me to continue to soar knowing I am not only healthy physically, but healthy in my heart and soul! He inspires. Read his journey; it is like no other. Some people say we are “fighting” cancer. I see it differently; we are “surviving and thriving” thru cancer. God’s hand is on all of us. We live. We thrive. Become part of Joe’s “paying it forward”. You belong here. This is your season.

Amy O’Connell
I also wanted to tell you what God has laid on my heart to share with my Bible study tonight, as it it my turn to lead it. One of the things I have been learning for my life at this season is to embrace weakness, and understand the power in this attitude. I have been inspired ever since I read Joe’s newsletter about Lance Armstrong entitled, “Live Weak“. Using what God has been showing me of late, I made a “prop” using a rubber band and wrote “LIVE WEAK” on each one. I will pass these out at my Bible study as bracelets to start the discussion about “weakness”, and then lead the discussion toward the meaning of “surrender” and the power in both of those feelings and choices. It is only because of the examples in Joe’s devotional, “In His Grip” that I am able to ARTICULATE the profundity of “weakness and surrender”, and how they are the most powerful positions in life to understand, in light of Gods goodness and sovereignty.

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