Joe Fornear Joe Fornear – Director
Joe is a Stage IV metastatic melanoma cancer survivor. In May of 2003, doctors gave him “days to live” because cancer had spread to 13 different sites, including lung, kidney, stomach and pancreas – more here. Joe experienced a miraculous healing and now shares the lessons he learned at the brink of death in books he has written. Lessons on surrender; prayer; faith; weakness; and God’s desire to demonstrate compassion in a crisis. Joe is an ordained minister and has a Masters of Theology (ThM) degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. Before founding Stronghold Ministry in 2008, he pastored a church in Dallas for 18 years.


Terri Fornear Terri Fornear – Director
Terri co-founded Stronghold Ministry in 2008 with her husband, Joe. For 30 years, Terri has worked with children, teenagers and adults to help them face and overcome emotions that have blocked academic, relational, social and spiritual success — a process described in her book, Dealing with Feelings, A Journal of God’s Promises. Terri has formed and led dozens of “Abiding Prayer” support groups and “Stepping Into Christ” groups over the years. She is also a Licensed Language Therapist and Individual and Family Life Coach.