Joe and Terri Fornear’s Cancer Journey – 700 Club

Joe and Terri tell the story of how the Lord healed Joe from Stage IV metastatic melanoma.

Stronghold Ministry’s “Stepping Into Christ’s Life Group”

A video describing the benefits of Stronghold’s Stepping Into Christ Groups!

Dr. James Kohn, Joe’s surgeon, shares on Joe’s miracle at our 2012 Banquet

Dr. Kohn was Joe Fornear’s surgeon in 2002 & 2003, performing 3 surgeries to remove metastatic melanoma – two to remove lymph nodes under Joe’s arm, and one to remove one-third of Joe’s stomach. Dr. Kohn attended the 2012 Stronghold Ministry banquet and offered to share his thoughts on Joe’s miraculous recovery.

  Amanda Martin, Stage IV melanoma patient, on My Stronghold, Joe’s book on his battle with cancer.

Geoff Waters on reaching his father for Christ with Stronghold Ministry’s help.

Patient and Caretaker Testimonies – 2013

Cancer patients and caretakers share how Stronghold Ministry has helped them fight. Images and testimonies used with permission – thanks to all who participated. The featured song is Chris Tomlin’s, “I Lift My Hands,” Capitol CMG License # 546190.


Amy A.’s Testimony

Amy Aniceto shares how the Lord worked through Stronghold Ministry to support and transform her during her battle with cancer.