Stronghold Ministry is a cancer and support ministry.
Are you or a loved one fighting cancer? Have you just been diagnosed and looking for help?
Have you been battling for a long, long time and wanting to give up? We understand – Joe and Terri Fornear been through a Stage IV cancer battle and the Lord was a Stronghold to them – holding them up when they were too weak to hang on to Him.
“He only is my rock and my salvation, My Stronghold; I shall not be shaken.” - Psalm 62:6
We want to be in your corner! Request our free spiritual gift basket! And let us know how we can pray and encourage you or your loved one.

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Amanda Martin on My Stronghold, Joe’s book on his battle with cancer.

Joe Fornear’s fierce battle with Stage IV cancer.
Journey with him.Joe on couch during cancer

We made this meditation video to encourage you in your cancer battle or any crisis. This meditation is from Psalm 139, God’s heart for the sufferer. You might be surprised by the frequency and nature of His thoughts toward you!